Little Beige Ridding Hood
Posoh I stolb, kotorij zastavliaet moj plash vit'sia po vetru - eto on. I mne ot etogo nelovko.
4to do ostal'nih muzh4in, interesnih vokrug poka ne v'etsia.
Etot god - about myself. What I want. Who I am.
Passionate about ... .

She said: u r very stressed and worried about everything (well, who Is not).
She gave me mantra to repeat - Om Shanti Om. To breathe and come down.
She said: why you never ask? Cosmic Order will work for you, you have this power. Ask. Just simply ask. But carefully, as whatever u ask comes true.

Be free spirit in your job. Go to presenting apart from research and production.

Intellectual Presenting. That's what u need, she said.

South America. South American.

Om Shanti Om. Let it go. Let it all go..